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Press release - Stunt people without Action

GSA quick survey of stunt people with sobering results

Berlin. 14.04.2020 -

For 97% of stunt women and stunt men, jobs that had been promised due to the corona pandemic were broken. The German Stunt Association e.V., GSA, determined this in a quick survey (response from March 31 to April 3, 2020) on the economic effects of the pandemic among its members.
According to their own statements, 5 to 15 days of shooting in March and April and other days for the following months up to July were canceled for the majority of those surveyed.

Financial compensation, i.e. default fees, was only fully promised for 2.1% of those surveyed and partially for 19.6% of those surveyed.
"Almost 80% of the members have been cut off from their earning potential overnight." says Alister Mazzotti, member of the GSA board of directors. "That is particularly fatal at the beginning of the main shooting season, after the winter, which is typical for the industry."
According to the survey, 85% of those questioned stated that they had applied for immediate aid from the respective federal state or the federal government, or that they still wanted to apply for it. When asked whether the package of measures of the federal and state governments would be appropriate for them, half of the survey participants gave positive scores. However, over 70% of those surveyed assume that filming will only start again after three months or later.

The German Stunt Association e.V., the association of German stunt people, represents the interests of stunt people working professionally in Germany and has represented stunt women / stunt men, stunt coordinators and 2nd unit directors since 2007. Further information is available at and on the GSA Facebook page.

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