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The German Stunt Association e.V. - Federal Association of German Stunt People - is the community of interests of stuntwomen, stuntmen, stunt rigger, fight choreographer, horse master, precision driver, stunt rescue diver, assistant stunt coordinator, stunt coordinator and 2nd unit director, who are professionally employed in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Our most outstanding competencies

  1. Contact point for all questions and definitions regarding stunts for authorities and business.
  2. We offer interested parties the most important information needed to start a career.
  3. We act as a competence center for the press.
  4. We are the first point of contact for the creative industry when the right contact is still missing.
  5. The GSA gathers competent contacts for productions.
  6. We enforce the interests of our members against authorities.
  7. We influence legislation with other self-employed associations. (e.g. halving of the minimum contributions to statutory health insurance funds / tolerable introduction of the pension scheme)
  8. We are the point of contact for training and further education, in a profession that can never be a classic apprenticeship.

Selection of our accomplishments of the past 13 years

  1. Representation of our performance rights by GVL
  2. Residual payments through the Deutsche Schauspielkasse DESKA
  3. Recognition as an artist at the Künstlersozialkasse
  4. Tailor-made insurance contracts
  5. Significant participation in the DGUV information brochure 215-315 “Security at events and productions - special scenic presentation”
  6. Numerous processes supported and won by the GSA to clarify our self-employed status.
  7. With the development of a job profile and diverse communication work, we have created a realistic picture of stunt women and stunt men

Our goals by 2030

Not all goals are measurable. Nevertheless, changes that we have experienced in the past are clearly noticeable.

  • To include everyone in Germany full-time in the stunt area in the GSA.
  • To significantly increase the financial volume that flows into the stunt sector in Germany every year.
  • Official stunt budgets for ÖR television productions (key documents)
  • An adjustment of the fee structure and standards to a clear and at the same time competitive level in relation to stunt people in comparable countries as well as the standard of living in Germany and taking into account inflation (annual adjustment of the basic loan to inflation).
  • Fairer compensation of the circulation costs (travel days, travel costs, per diems, overtime, undertime, weekend / holiday and night surcharges).
  • Get a better value-for-money quota for stunts. (Stunts that increase the production value)
  • Update of the external representation of the professional association through the Relaunch 2020.
  • Stunt Platform for Europe
  • Promotion of international networking within the framework of the World Stunt Association


Contact Persons



Eiswerderstr. 18/ Gebäude 153
13585 Berlin

Fone: +49 30 82077618
Mobil (Pamela Gräbe): +49 160 95617534

Association history

GSA history

  • Re-brand
  • New logo
  • New website
  • Re-brand
  • The Federal Association of German Stunt People e.V. is renamed the German Stunt Association e.V.
  • BvS Future Days
  • DAFF television award for stunt people of the BvS
  • BvS stunt people in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute and BGETEM
  • DAFF television award for stunt people of the BvS
  • BvS celebrates its tenth anniversary
  • First junior exam for stunt women and stunt men (Cologne)
  • Highfall training (Cologne)
  • KSK recognizes stunt women and stunt men after discussions with the BvS

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  • Workshop FISAT I (Munich)
  • Drift Days (Groß Dölln)
  • Ski stunt training (Garmisch Patenkirchen)
  • Summer Drift Day (Groß Dölln)
  • Abseil training (Berlin)
  • Ski stunt workshop (Garmisch-Partenkirchen)
  • DAFF television award for stunt people of the BvS
  • BvS is developing a new information leaflet with DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance)
  • Drift Days (Groß Dölln)
  • BvS stunt people in action with children with cancer (Stuttgart)
  • Action Film editing seminar BFS / BvS (Berlin)
  • Drift Days (Groß Dölln)
  • Reception of the filmmakers (Berlin)
  • Showtech (Berlin)
  • DAFF television award for stunt people of the BvS
  • Extraordinary general meeting on the topic "Social-legal status of stunt people" (Berlin)
  • English for stunt people (Berlin)
  • Acting workshop (Berlin)
  • Action trapping (Berlin)
  • Stunt weekend (Hamburg / Schleswig Holstein)

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  • Action trapping workshop (Berlin)
  • Drift Days (Groß Dölln)
  • AG Reiter and Horsemaster
  • meeting on the subject of “fees” (Berlin)
  • Representation of the professional group of stunt people at various events
  • Successful negotiations of new and extensive professional liability insurance for stunt people
  • Expansion of the BvS websites
  • Stunt connections / exchange about recommended partners, products, service providers
  • Stunt location / provision and use of nationwide locations such as training halls, workshops, riding stables, etc.
  • Continuous cooperation with legal advisers to develop general terms and conditions, contract templates and advice on legal questions
  • Specialist discussions (rigging) about working conditions, safety
  • Reception of the filmmakers
  • Seminar: Provisioning / Law / Business Administration
  • Extraordinary General Meeting (Berlin)
  • 100th member!
  • The BvS is a member of Die Filmschaffenden- Bundesverband der Filmschaffenden- Verband e.V.
  • Various workshops:
    • First aid (Hamburg)
    • Drama (Berlin)
    • Physics (Berlin)
    • Stunt days: fights / highfalls / security techniques (Munich)
    • Ski stunts (Zillertal)
    • Stunt Weekend (Hofgeismar)
  • Entry of the Federal Association of German Stunt People in the association register Berlin-Charlottenburg
  • 1st General Meeting (Schermbeck)

On the initiative of René Lay, Stunt Coordinator, and three years of preparation time, many meetings and intensive discussions with personalities from the industry, eight leading Stunt Coordinators from various Companies and regions in Germany met in Berlin. Volkhart Buff, François Doge, Holger Kriechel, René Lay, Michael Mohr, Ronnie Paul, Ernst Reimann and Mac Steinmeier founded the Bundesverband deutscher Stuntleute e.V. ( The Federal Association of German Stunt People e.V.).