How can I become a stunt performer, rigger or precision driver?

So far there is no formal job training for of these jobs. The basic prerequisite is a completed apprenticeship, preferably in a relavent technical or craft area. This has proven in practice to be appropriate. As for example:&nb

  • sports education
  • a completed apprenticeship, favourably in a craft such as car mechanic
  • a completed apprenticeship, favourably in a technical profession i.e. as an electrician
  • horse wrangler or professional diver

but also: 

  • a (M)Bachelor of Arts degree in economics or humanities
  • a Master of Fine Arts or other artistic types of studies and training

An essential criteria is good overall physical and mental fitness and to:  

  • be reliable
  • have discipline
  • learn fast
  • react even faster
  • have acting talent and creativity
  • speak foreign languages

An apprenticeship can actually take place with one of the member stunt companies, as a “junior member“ of the association (BvS e.V.), generally as learning by doing. 
These member companies not only coordinate and perform stunts, but also offer a wide range of relavent training. They also stand for professional work attitude, a lot of know-how and meet the highest safety standards. 
Besides working with member companies there are also stunt schools that train their students in a variety of stunt related performing and rigging techniques.