For many years now the actors association, the association of directors and many other industry related associations of professionals have existed here in Germany, but so far no association took care of the stunt profession’s interests and concerns. Many stunt people were unsatisfied with this situation and suffered many legal uncertainties and disadvantages compared with other professions in the film and entertainment industry.

Several attempts were made but it took until the 9th December 2007, before the German Stunt Association (BvS e.V.) was eventually founded.

BvS SkiWorkshop 13./14.12.2009


12.12.2009 AGM in Munich

AGM in Munich, in "film city"of Geiselgasteig, bistro "Movie". Please read the protocol (in German) for further information. 

BvS-Schauspielworkshop II 03./04.10.2009

The second “Acting for stunt performers“ workshop with Alexandra Surer and Markus Fennert was successfully held in Berlin (Stunthall Pankow). 
New paths were explored and we had a lot of fun. Thanks also to Simon Sturzenegger (camera) Attention: more acting talents emerging!
To be continued next spring...

BvS StuntWeekend 2009

Around 50 stuntpeople, guests and families enjoyed 2 days of action and games at the “2009 Stunt Weekend“, in the middle of Germany (Hofgeismar / Kassel). It was initiated by Francois Doge and organised by Alister Mazzotti, Sedat Freistadt, Jason Oettlé and Pamela Gräbe.
We are looking forward to a new edition in 2010!fileadmin/user_upload/pdf_trainings/bvs_stuntweekend09.pdf

16.05.2009 BvS- Workshop "Physics for stuntpeople"

BVS-Workshop „Physics for stuntpeople“: Robert Becker and Piet Paes organized this interesting workshop on an everyday topic for stuntpeople. Besides the theory we did a couple of astonishing experiments... you never stop learning!


30./ 31. März 09 BvS Workshop "Stuntdays South"

The “Stuntdays South“ were organised in the Bavaria Studios Munich, by Stuntmac GmbH and Stunts Universal.
20 stuntpeople (including guests) enjoyed 2 days of extensive workout in the fields of: 

  • fight choreography 
  • (low) high falls into mats 
  • high falls into airbags
  • rope and wiring techniques

Mac Steinmeier commented: “It was great fun even for us hosts. Many new friendships have evolved!“


21. und 22.03.2009

An “Acting for stunt performers“ workshop with Alexandra Surer was held in Berlin (Stunthall Pankow). Booked out and a lot of fun some to date unrevealed talents emerged...
to be repeated in autumn!


A „First-aid for stunt people“-workshop was held in Hamburg, in cooperation with S4S – Sani for Set.
Soon to be repeated!


The constitution is officially altered after a decision by the AGM:
§ 21 The Board

1.) The board consists of
a) a chairman
b) a vice-chairman
c) 7 ordinary board members
2.) Qualified association members to be elected to the board are 2/3 action-unitdirectors and 1/3 regular full members (stunt woman / stunt man / stunt coordinator) and they, in accordance to § 22 of this constitution, elect a Chief Executive Officer.


The German Stunt Association (BvS e.V.) becomes an official member of the Bundesverband der Filmschaffenden e.V. 
This association represents the mutual interests of the filmworkers with producers, broadcasting companies and all political and cultural institutions.
This protecting umbrella organization represents 11 different associations and around 3200 members.


AGM in Schermbeck (Northrhine-Westfalia). Please read the protocol (in German) for further information.


The website of the German Stunt Association (BvS e.V.) has gone online. In addition to publicly accessible information about the association, there is a protected area for members, including a database of stunt professionals, a schedule of events and stunt training dates and further internal information.


There is an informal presentation for the stunt community, in Berlin.


Eight stunt people from different companies and regions in Germany meet in Berlin. 
René Lay, stuntman, managed after about 3 years of preparation, involving many meetings and intense discussions within the community, to get them all round one table. 
The situation of the stunt people and the necessity for an association was discussed. Further steps were agreed, there was already a draft of a constitution prepared and a lawyer was present. This draft constitution was discussed and amended during that evening until there was common agreement and a final constitution for an association was ready. 
This was the creation of the German Stunt Association (BvS e.V.).