We are aware that the careful handling of your personal information is important.
We appreciate your confidence in us for the conscientious handling of your personal
With this statement you agree that the German Stunt Association (BvS e.V.) may collect, process and use your personal data for the purposes mentioned below. This consent may be revoked by you at any time with effect for the future.

1. Party responsible
The party responsible in terms of the federal data protection act is the German Stunt Association/ Bundesverband deutscher Stuntleute e.V., Eiswerder Straße 18, 13585 Berlin/ Germany.

2. Storage of personal information of our customers
The information we receive helps guarantee you the best possible service. We save data we receive from you, i.e. if you contact us. This could be information such as your name, postal and email address.

3. What purpose do we use your data for?
We use the information to communicate with you, keep our datafiles updated and
enable us to display content on our homepage. We also use your information to inform and update our range of products and content. To prevent misuse of our website, to discover such misuse and also to allow third parties access to the technical, logistical or other services available on your behalf.

4. How long do we save the data?
Basically we save all the data you have sent us, as long as you are interested in
receiving promotional information. If you no longer want us to use your data please
ask for it to be deleted. (please see § 6 for further specifications)

5. Can you find out what data we have saved about you?
Yes you can contact us for this at any time.

6. Can you ask for the deletion of your personal data from our files?
Yes, of course you can ask for a complete or partial deletion of your data from our
files. For this purpose please use the contact sheet on our website. We will meet
Translation BvS-Homepage / Version 1.3 your demands as soon as possible and stop mailing you with any promotion material.
We will block but not delete your data as long as we are required by german laws.

7. How about cookies and how are they used by the German Stunt Association?
Cookies are text information (ASCII text), which from your browser (such as Microsoft Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and others) which are stored on your
hard drive. We only use session cookies, i.e., the cookies are generated by us during your visit to www.german-stunt-association.de and will be deleted after you close your browser window. In this session cookie, we temporarily store information, which enables us to depict the desired resolution within our website. You can change your browser settings so that cookies are no longer accepted or your browser alerts you beforehand. We recommend, however, to allow the use of cookies, otherwise it may lead to restrictions in the use of the website. Moreover, cookies can not transfer viruses, do not read e-mail addresses and hard drive contents, transfer the history file, send any e-mails, do not fill your entire hardrive or delete it.

8. Does the German Stunt Association pass on any information they receive?
No. The information you provide will not be passed on to third parties nor used for
purposes other than those mentioned (see paragraph 3).

9. References
If you have any questions concerning data protection towards the German Stunt
Association (BvS e.V.) you can contact us by e-mail. We assure you that any
significant change of our secrecy obligation which may lead to a weaker protection,
will always be published in an appropriate way.