The German Stunt Association (BvS e.V.) represents the interests of its members within the film industry. Its objective is to pool their aims and protect their interests, both within the industry and externally, and to establish the rights of members to influence outcomes. 
The BvS is in dialogue with companies and associations of the film industry, television companies, ministries, legislative bodies, trade unions and other professional organisations within the audio-visual entertainment industry. It will establish contacts and maintain dialogue with foreign stunt associations with the same or similar objectives.

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The GSA is the competence centre for professional stunt people in Germany. Its members can consult it for any relevant questions, to exchange experiences, inform others and acquire qualifications. The association will promote this by the creation of forums and committees.

The association exclusively serves the interests of its members.

Main goals and duties of our association

  • Define a general legal and taxation definition for our profession.
  • To become affiliated to the German Film Academy.
  • Gain recognition as freelance or self employed artists.
  • Negotiating agreements with insurance companies and seeking preferential terms for a range of services: eg. life, medical and liability policies etc., that are tailored to the particular needs of our profession.
  • Liaison with manufactures and suppliers for all of the types of equipment we work with, to encourage collaboration on product design and development, and for sponsoring, advertising and promotional opportunities.

Necessity / Existence

The origin of the GSA as a response to the changes that have recently taken place in the represented occupations and the industry as a whole. 
Technical developments make the profession continually more demanding and complex.
The era of „lone rangers“ and idealists has past!
These days our focus lies in the promotion of common interests and lobby work to achieve and sustain high industry standards and professionalism.

Safety and Security

The GSA will work to further improve industry standards for safety and security by a variety of different activities. 
BvS members will always employ top safety standards in their work. Intense cooperation amongst the stunt companies to develop and set common industry standards for stunts as well as accident prevention standards, will protect the high level of qualification and professionalism of its members.